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Microgen Internet Consulting & Solutions is company located in Belgrade, Serbia, that specializes in development and business implementation of innovative technologies. We gather experts from various fields of modern science and serve as valuable outsourcing partner to both local and international companies. Due to our unique project oriented organization, Microgen is capable of gathering sufficient number of serious experts and delivering professional solutions in time and within budget.

Microgen is proud to offer services in following technologies:


Website development

Online application development

E-commerce solution development

B2B solution development

Internet marketing campaigns

Flash MX production for Internet or TV

Graphic design, animation and video production for Internet use


On-demand video streaming solutions

Production of animated titles, intros and other video elements

Video encoding for Internet streaming

Website & Video integration 


Application Development


Comparative DNA analysis (for a fraction of a price in USA or Germany)

DNA database development

Development of projects based on clients demands


Description Unit Price US$
HTML Programming hour       18.00
Java Script Programming hour       18.00
PHP Programming hour       18.00
ASP Programming hour       18.00
Flash Animation & Graphics & Video hour       18.00
Image Processing hour       18.00
Graphic Design hour       18.00
Consulting & Project Development hour       18.00
GIF Animation hour       18.00
3D Modeling hour       18.00
Commercial Photo - On-Site Shooting hour       18.00
Digital Video - On-Site Filming 1 camera hour       18.00
Digital Video - On-site Filming 2 cameras hour       32.00
Digital Video - Editing & Encoding hour       18.00
Internet Marketing hour       18.00
Creative Text hour       18.00
Translation Serbian - English - Serbian page         9.90
YU Domain Registration (co.yu, org.yu, edu.yu) perm         9.90
International Domain Registration (com, net, org, ws, biz, etc) year       27.90
Web Hosting (basic package) month         4.90

Additional charges for travel expenses, packing, shipping, media carriers or communications may apply.

Please submit a short e-mail request for other reasonable services of your interest.

Payment terms

Wire transfer to our Bank account in Serbia or USA (transfer costs included in the price), credit card or check.

Option 1 - Advance of 50% of estimated total value, upon signing of a contract (as described below) with balance payable within 7 days upon project completion.

Option 2 - Within 7 days after the date of invoice, produced every two weeks for services in previous period (usually on 1st & 16th day of the month).


Local orders - Prices do not include tax of 20%.
Tax may be excluded from certain software applications created using a.m. services (Gov. reg. no. 90/02 Sl. Glas. RS)

International orders - Taxes do not apply to international orders.

How outsourcing functions?

You will contact us and present your idea, project or problem

We will analyze it and make a budget offer for your approval

You will provide detailed information on project

We will make a detailed project (if needed) which will become a part of a contract

We will draft a contract for the project and submit it for your approval

We will assign project manager and start development of a project (commitment starts here)

We will test the final product and produce its documentation and operating procedures

We will produce a final invoice once the project is complete

Please feel free to contact us for details and clarifications

Why Microgen?

Because of our modern project oriented organization

Because of our professional approach to clients demands

Because of our state-of-the-art technology and flexibility to develop tailored solution

Because of our highest level of education and training of the management and programmers

Why Serbia?

Because of advanced level of mathematical training almost every child passes through its education (comparable only to Russian), which produces workforce capable of very independent thinking and delivering stunning programming ideas

Because the last decade ruined Serbian economy making prices of services very low and attractive for outsourcing

Because of CET time zone that enables you to directly communicate with us via telephone or video conference within your working hours, even if you are located in West Coast of USA.


*available later this year - please feel free to send your enquiries or requirements relating to outsourcing of services in genetic sciences


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