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Microgen E-commerce ResenjaSales via Internet have become a perfect option for modern consumers who are physically away from your product or service just because of luck of time or traffic jam. Just until last year, there were very few attempts to trade online in Serbia, whereas today, after online banking has been introduced, with credit cards issued regularly and cable connections available, country achieved long awaited explosion of Internet usage. At this time, Serbia is probably one of the world leaders in disproportion between number of Internet users and registered websites.  There are about 1.3 million Internet users and just about 20 thousand web sites registered locally or just 2 websites for every 100 users.

However, let us concentrate on business. Microgen offers solutions for your business no matter if you need to develop a platform to service small number of known customers or multifunctional retail store. We will provide: efficient database (product catalog), interactive shopping cart, SSL or secure transaction support, assistance with opening offshore Internet merchant account, customer database development, reporting systems, etc. In addition to above mentioned, we can develop a true B2B solution for sales of your products and services to existing clients or distributors.

Due to the complex nature of E-commerce solutions and the fact that there is a whole range of different services and applications to be implemented, please contact us through e-mail studio@microgen.rs or telephone us at +381 11 625 101 for a quote on price of your project.



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