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Domain Registration

Domain is a unique name of your website (microgen.rs) registered at legitimate Internet registry for certain time period or permanent.

Domain registration is the first, but one of the most important steps in your Internet appearance. Well picked domain brings more visitors and therefore more opportunities for your business.

We can offer you domain registration of all International (com, org, net, biz, ws, info and name) and all Serbian (co.yu, org.yu, edu.yu) domains, as well as domain parking and domain forwarding.

Our domain registration service includes free consultation on how to properly choose a domain name.
To acquire it, please contact us through e-mail studio@microgen.rs or telephone us at +381 11 625 101.

International Domain Registration (com, net, org, info, biz, ws, name)

Registration period:

35 US$
1 year
5 days

Yu Domain Registration (co.yu, org.yu, edu.yu)

Registration period:

12 US$ (ask to check if free service applies)
5 days
Registration issued by the Serbian Court or other relevant institution

All taxes included.

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